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What's Lurking In Your Water?

Whether you are getting your water from a well, groundwater or aquifers - chances are, the water running through your pipe has been contaminated by some, if not many toxic substances that has been dumped into the ground soil or rivers over the past decades.


Some common toxins that are dumped by the millions of pounds into soils every year are:

  • Pesticides​ and ​Herbicides

  • Heavy metals

  • Drug residues

  • Estrogen mimicking hormones​​


That's not including other contaminants picked up by the water as it runs through the aged municipal water pipes or the hazardous microorganisms living in the well waters.​

​FREE Water Testing 

Beware of Invisible Toxic Chemicals

- IQ lowering Fluoride

- Cancer causing Heavy Metals

- Deadly e.coli bacteria

- Lead

- Chlorine

- Arsenic

- Nitrates

- Medications such as blood pressure,

birth control meds

- and more

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